Mission & Vision

Go therefore and make disciples...

The Mission

The mission of Crossover Ministries is to bear witness to, through our words and our works, the message of Christ and his righteousness until this message is spread expansively, first filling Tacoma, then the Puget Sound and the West Coast and finally filling the whole earth.
Jesus didn’t come to make bad people good. He came to make dead people live!
Nowhere in the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke or John does Jesus refer to sinners, prostitutes and thieves as ‘a brood of snakes and vipers’. But he DID use those words on the Pharisees and the ‘religiously self-righteous’ of His day! Now… sin isn’t the issue! Jesus dealt with and brought closure to the ‘sin issue’ 2,000 years ago! FAITH… is now the issue!! NOT what WE DO for Him. But… will we believe and rest in… what He… HAS DONE…FOR US!! Jesus isn’t put off by sinners! THAT’S WHO HE CAME FOR! And NOT to judge you, but to SAVE you!! [Jn. 3] And what for? So that you can follow rules? NO!! So that you can have …LIFE! And have it to the FULL! [Jn. 10]

The Vision

The vision of Crossover Ministries is for all people everywhere to see and believe in the grace of God that was once-for-all purchased through Christ's finished work on the Cross.
If you're considering visiting Crossover, you might be initially 'taken back'... and then pleasantly surprised that this Good News Gospel REALLY IS SUCH GOOD NEWS!! You might initially think, "This is too good to be true!", but then wake up to the shocking realization, 'It IS true! And it's even BETTER than I thought!' You can expect to hear a message that sets you free from condemnation, guilt, regret, self-effort and old, religious requirements that have weighed you down. Through the Gospel you will be awakened to Christ's gift of righteousness, to the joy and freedom that comes when you know you are loved and blessed apart from your works, because of HIS FINISHED WORK on your behalf!

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